Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's all about Love...

The doctrine of the Trinity is the foundation of the Christian faith. 

The key to understanding the Trinity is relationship and the life of the Trinity is to be our model for life.  The three Persons of the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have an intense relationship that is fueled by love.  There is so much love between the three Persons of the Trinity that it overflows into creation and is able to keep 7 billion people alive and knows every hair on each one of those 7 billion heads.  That is a lot of love!  

Without the Trinity there would be no earth, no people, no universe, no internet, no Mac sitting in my lap, and definitely no jewelry.  

The Trinity loves each and every person with complete freedom.  God is constantly saying, "I love you.  I want to share my love with you."  I actually have the freedom to say, "Uh, no thanks."  However, I say, "Heck yes!  Let me have some of that love, please."  

I am to take that love and share with others.  I am to go into the world and show the love of the Trinity to everyone I meet: a smile - a real, genuine smile, looking someone in the eye; an encouraging word; a compliment; an available shoulder to cry on; an ear willing to listen.  The love of the Trinity has been given to me first and that allows me to love others.  It really is all about love.


  1. Welcome to the blogging sphere.

    I've been told to say, "Your first husband send me."?

    Any hoo. I like your place, it is nice, amd welcoming.

    I will be including you on my link list. And letting people know you'vemoved into the neighbourhood.

    Feel free to come by and visit.

  2. I've also been sent by "your first husband" :-) and I like what I read.