Thursday, November 8, 2012

I liked it better when I was blissfully ignorant

My original idea for today's blog got scrapped after I read this article from LifeSiteNews.

Apparently, it's great to be a slut...or so says some guy from MTV who made a video for Planned Parenthood touting the awesomeness of being a girl who has several sexual partners. My jaw dropped! I searched hard for that video and was unable to find it. And, then I clicked on the link to Planned Parenthood's Facebook page for "Parenthood Info for Teens". Frankly, I think it's worth checking it out, especially if you have a tween or teen since it's marketed to them.

Here's a sampling of what I saw: A picture of an excited girl, about 16 or 17 with the caption Queefing is NBD. Allow me to translate: A vaginal fart is no big deal. Then there was a picture of a "couple", look like they're about 13 or 14, and the caption there is: It's important to let your partner know what you want - and what you don't want - before things get sexual. There was a link to comedian Amy Poehler's video blog, "Ask Amy" on how teens should talk to parents. Finally, there was a link to a PP article, "Is it bad that my parents haven't talk to me about birth control yet?"


When I worked in youth ministry I kept up with this stuff because I wanted to know what kids were watching, listening to, reading, etc. If a teen mentioned an unfamiliar book or show, then I got my hands on it. The last couple years I've been distracted by a little guy. I've been busy making sure the evil purple dinosaur or the equally annoying and evil Dora the Explorer is not on the T.V, diaper changing, potty training, teaching manners, eradicating whining. It's not as though I am ignorant of the things that are out there influencing young people, but it's staggering how aggressive the campaign to sexualize children has become.

While the evilness of Barney and Dora is based on personal opinion and not theological evidence, the mission to advance abortion and sexualize children is evil. Thanks be to God for LifeSiteNews and other organizations that keep up on all this horrible stuff and keep me educated (even when I would prefer blissful ignorance).

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