Friday, December 14, 2012

On Christmas Insanity

I have been very neglectful of the sorry. Almost every spare moment has been spent getting Christmas presents made - yes, I'm one of those. I try to make as many presents as possible - usually at the request of the recipients.

Here's the list of the last few weeks:

- Knitting felted purses for my nieces (6 in all - I only have 5 nieces. Let's just say I totally messed up on one of them!)
- Sewed 150 miniature trees to be strung up as garland for various presents
- Sewed a canvas tee-pee tent for my son for Christmas
- Sewed 3 shirts for my son for Christmas
- Sewed a duvet cover for a niece for Christmas
- Sewed 2 dresses for me (one was a practice dress and the other was for a wedding)
- Knitted a wrap to accompany the dress for the wedding
- Sewed P.J's for my son
- Sewed 2 yoga pants for me
- Knitted a present for my mother-in-law (and I'm pretty sure she reads the blog, I can't reveal what it is)
- And, I've started knitting mittens for my son...

Thank goodness I knitted some of the Christmas presents for other family members before Thanksgiving!

Part of my insanity is trying to get everything done before we head up to the Northwoods in Wisconsin on Tuesday. I have a few more things I'd like to accomplish before we leave, but nothing is required for Christmas presents.

There will be a change coming to Divinity Diva after Christmas...more to come about that.

In the midst of all the insanity (mostly self-imposed), I'm very thankful for the Angelus. It's been very good to force myself to stop three times a day to pray - just to pray and not for myself.

I hope your Advent has been peaceful thus far.

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