Monday, February 11, 2013

It's not April Fool's Day

Pope Benedict XVI is resigning.

If you told me this in about two months, then I would laugh and say, "Very funny, Happy April Fool's Day."  Today is not April Fool's Day.  It's a Monday in February.

There are a ton of questions to be asked and answered in the next few weeks.  All the i's will be dotted and t's crossed, but the most important thing for Catholics to do right now is pray.

Pray for Benedict XVI - for his health, peace of mind, thanksgiving for his service.  Pray for the Catholic Church - for a smooth transition of the papacy, for unity among all Catholics, and for a renewal of faith for everyone.

The Holy Spirit has promised never to abandon the Church.  Hold this promise close to your heart and pray to be the Spirit's conduit of grace to a broken world.


  1. This has not happened in 600 years! He must be tired and truly suffering.

  2. The pope has revealed an ecclesial maturity and sense of pastoral obligations that is precedent setting. I remain hopeful that the Holy Spirit will have a voice in the next several weeks.