Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Modern Parable

A Modern Take on Parables

The Kingdom of heaven is like a rare pair of Jimmy Choo's (those are designer shoes) on Ebay which a woman goes and and happily sells all that she has in order to win the auction.  Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a deluxe house in the suburbs that a couple joyfully sells all that they own to attain it.  

If Jesus were walking around telling parables today, I don't think he'd be sharing my modern parables for several reasons.  1.) Who would sell all that they own to buy shoes?  2.) Too many people have found themselves underwater with their homes so I think my second example is unlikely to happen.  3.) Would either of these items, shoes or a house, really bring true joy?  4.) And finally, while the house and shoes might be useful for a while, they will both start to break down or need repairs.  

Today's Gospel reading from Matthew 13:44-46 is about treasure that lasts.  Jesus says that the merchant and the buyer of the field joyfully sell off everything they own in order to attain the treasure.  There is something to this Kingdom of heaven because it makes people do seemingly crazy things.  

Karl Marx said "religion is the opiate of the masses."  In reality, materialism is the opiate that distracts us from pain and emptiness.  Yet, emptying myself of stuff and filling up with the Kingdom of heaven brings joy and peace.  What wouldn't you give or sell in order to have joy and peace?  

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