Monday, August 6, 2012

Time for a Cuppa

Sheesh! It's been a busy day...up early, have a little prayer and journaling time, get the boy up, make oatmeal and smoothies, get dressed for the YMCA, chase the boy around, try to get boy on potty, get very silly, squirmy boy dressed, explain how big boy underpants work, get in car, arrive at Y, drop boy off at child care, exercise, pick up boy from child care, try to get very silly, squirmy boy to walk, change clothes, drive to the doctor, run boy to potty, wait for doctor to come into the little room, doctor examines now scared boy, leave doctor, run boy to potty, celebrate dry pants, threaten silly boy to NOT open the washroom stall door while Mommy is going potty, leave doctor's office, take unintended stop in parking lot to change boy's clothes because he peed, drive home, heat up lunch, eat lunch while boy silly boy runs around, feed boy, play with boy, plead with boy to go potty before nap time, put very, very silly and tired boy in bed for nap, tidy up, take shower, little boy calling "Mommy, I went poo-poo", change stinky diaper, return exceptionally silly boy to bed, sit down to blog...dang it, I haven't even had a cup of tea today!

This is what life is like for everyone. There are a ton of things to get done in a day and there is little time to sit back and relax.

Today is the Feast of the Transfiguration. After Jesus is transfigured - and only Peter, James and John, know what that looks like - Peter wanted to stay there on top of the mountain. We don't know if Jesus responded to Peter's request to erect tents, we are told that a cloud overshadowed them and they heard a voice say, "This is my beloved Son. Listen to him."  Next, Peter, James, John, and Jesus are making their way back down the mountain.

"Mountain top" experiences with God are wonderful and usually short.  For as much as we want to stay there and re-live the moment again and again, the world isn't saved on top of mountains, though.  It is made holy in the small, day-to-day things like potty training, cooking oatmeal, going to the doctor, keeping my cool when my 2 year old is silly, silly, silly.

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