Thursday, January 26, 2012

Where's the chocolate?

It’s been a long day at the Darr household.  My son is driving me to eat chocolate...or drink wine, I haven’t decided yet.  There are few things more trying on one’s patience than a whiny toddler trapped inside on a grey and rainy day.  Mommy thought it might be a great day to try potty training...yeah, not so much.  If whining and throwing temper tantrums were Olympic sports, then I’m pretty sure my little guy could place for a medal.  
(Nearly) Everything I said today sent him into whining or a temper tantrum on the floor.  “Please pick up your blanket.”  Whhhhaaaaaaaaa!  “No, don’t color in mommy’s book.”  Thrashing and gnashing of teeth and a little spitting.  “Ask without whining.”  Up pleeeeeeeeeeeeease.  Holy mother of pearl, I am ready to lose my mind! 
Like most days of being a theology nerd and a mommy, I started to think about the correlation between parenting, me, and God.  Today is the feast of Sts. Timothy and Titus.  I read the opening of 2 Timothy this morning, before all the whining started.  2 Tim 1:7 states “...for God did not give us a spirit of cowardice, but rather a spirit of power and of love and of self-discipline.”  Self-discipline isn’t exactly self-taught; you need someone to teach you to control yourself at a young age.  I am not to be a coward and give up in the “stop whining” department or training up my little guy to control himself.  I’m the one with the power in this relationship (at least that’s what I tell myself) and I love my little boy more than I can express.  I’ve got a job to do.  I am a Mom.
The whining continues with bursts of shrieking, but my most blessed and excellent husband has taken the reins so that I can go eat chocolate...and drink a glass of wine.  

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