Saturday, February 4, 2012


I adore Adoration.  

I'm an extravert so the best way for me to recharge is to be alone and be quiet.  Being with others constantly gives me energy, but doesn't recharge my soul.  

Adoration can be hard if you've never done it.  Especially if you've got a mind like mine that hops around and can't stop.  I had to read The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner in high school.  It's written in stream of consciousness style and this was an exercise in frustration for most of my classmates.  For me, it was awesome because it's the way my brain works! 

When I go to Adoration I bring my calendar, to do list, and my journal.  Usually in the first 5-10 minutes my brain starts kicking out all the things I've forgotten to do or ought to do.  Once that simmers down, I break out my journal and start writing.  I do a mind dump and the page; this can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes.  Then...there's's just me and Jesus hanging out together.  

It's the quiet time that is the most important.  Sometimes I get an answer to a prayer, other times I'm told what I need to do, and then there are times when I nod off.  I used to beat myself up if I fell asleep while praying until my spiritual director said, "Maybe Jesus knew you needed a nap."  

Spending quiet time with Jesus is an awe-some thing and I highly recommend it.  If an hour seems daunting, then go for a shorter period, perhaps 20 minutes and build up from there.  

p.s. This whole blogging thing is still very new to me and I am deeply humbled that there are people out there who read this every day.  Thank you for your support and it encourages me to keep writing.  I haven't blog much last week and don't expect to have many entries this week.  The winter crud hit the house this week and next week I'm out of town.  Hang in there - I'll try to get at least one entry completed while I'm away.  

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