Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rationing the Spirit

He does not ration his gift of the Spirit.  John 3:34b

This verse from today's Gospel reading reminded me of Mary's message to St. Catherine Labour√© during the second apparition at Rue de Bac, Paris in 1830.  I've blogged about this same theme a couple months ago, but obviously we can't hear it enough because God keeps telling us over and over and over again.  

God does not ration the gift of the Spirit...I do.  
I choose to not pray for God's graces, blessings, or help from the Holy Spirit.  I think that I can go it alone or that I'll figure out how to do it best.  Mary told St. Catherine that there are many graces that God wants to bestow on the world and yet people do not ask for them.  It's a simple message: pray about everything and ask for God's blessings and graces to guide you.  

Say for instance, you're two year old is driving you crazy, then ask for the grace to be a good parent.  Here's another example: your spouse is looking for a job out of state, you have no idea where you will live or how you'll support your family in a couple months, then pray to trust in God's plan and courage to step out in faith.

And, the next time you find yourself in a jam, pray for a double portion of the Holy Spirit.  It's another gem from Fr. Simon, O.P. and it really works.

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