Monday, April 30, 2012

Want to start a revolution?

This is my suggestion for starting a revolution in the Church: Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CSG).

CSG was accidentally started by Sofia Cavelletti in Rome in 1959.  She was a scripture scholar and a friend asked her to teach her child "something."  Long story cut very short: the child were enthralled and they spent a couple of hours just on the first chapter of Genesis.  Sofia knew there was something that children needed to hear - and something the children could teach the Church.  After years of working with children it was discovered that the image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd was the one that children around the world gravitated towards.  

The Good Shepherd knows you by name, calls you by name, lays down his life for you.  The Good Shepherd is the embodiment of love - and even three year olds know that when they hear the story.  I loved when I presented the Good Shepherd lesson to three year olds.  Kids who were quite literally bouncing off the walls when they arrived, would sit quietly and listen to the story of the Good Shepherd.  

There is a lesson on baptism that builds on the lesson of the Good Shepherd where the children are called by name and given a candle.  They are told that Jesus wants to share his light with every person in the world.  The children were filled with delight and happiness and then they went home and taught their families.  

The revolution has already started, but it can continue to grow so that every child in the Church will know the love of the Good Shepherd.

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