Monday, July 30, 2012

Planting Mustard Seeds

My son has been reminding me that it's okay to be really happy and really thankful about normal, everyday things.  The other day he had a spice drop gummy candy for the first time.  From the back seat of the car I heard him say, "Thank you God for this."  That was his first response...interestingly, it wasn't mine.  I wanted more candy.

Yesterday, on a family trip to Target, my son started to sing the Celtic Alleluia because he was so happy we were going in the store.  I do love Target, but I have never sung Alleluia in the parking lot.

I worry that I set the right example for my son and that I teach him about the faith.  Looks like I might be getting a few things right, but he is teaching me at the same time.  While I'm busy planting little mustard seeds in his soul, he is doing the same thing for me.  His thankfulness over a piece of candy makes me wonder how much happier I would be if I said, "Thank you, God" for every little thing in my day.

The Kingdom of heaven starts here and now.  What mustard seed act could you start to make present the Kingdom of heaven?

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