Thursday, July 12, 2012

Who wants lemonade?

The old adage goes: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

I've been waiting for several months to apply for a particular job; it was my dream job.  I knew the position would soon be posted.  Last night I found out that there was serious restructuring and my dream job doesn't exist any more.  There is a position available, but it has nothing to do with ministry.  I was extremely upset, the kind of upset where you're not sure if you're going to cry or vomit.  Oddly, I did neither.  

It was rather late when I found out and I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep because I was so mad and disappointed.  So, I started planning!  I needed a plan of attack for today.  What was my plan?  Evil hate mail? Anonymous posts across the internet decrying the "restructuring"?  Eat ice cream and chocolate until I burst?  No, no, and no...even though the ice cream was really tempting.

My plan is to build myself a desk and create a writing area so that I can tackle some projects.  The current configuration of the computer is not conducive to creativity, but it's great if I want to hear what everyone in the house is doing and saying.  Originally I was going to march myself into a big box store and buy a desk, but I couldn't find anything I liked.  Well...Pottery Barn had a lovely table/desk, but I can't afford Pottery Barn.  I did the next best thing: I found the instructions of how to make the exact same table (table top & shelves).  Many thanks to Ana White! 

What has this whole process taught me?  First, God only knows what's coming next.  The slate is wiped clean for my husband and I.  We have NO idea what we are to do or where we are to do it.   
Second, God's timing is not my timing.  As if I wasn't already aware of that.  Ugh!  Some lessons are hard to learn.  
Third, redirecting emotions away from negative activities like ice cream snarfing to positive ones using power tools is far more satisfying.  
And, finally, I'm going to have a lovely and relatively quiet place to set up and write...or bust out the sewing or quilting or knitting.  

When life gets hard, break out the power tools!

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